Actually Powerfully Successful

In order to live, we have two options, one is to settle down and the other is to keep following your inner voice which decides the real success and failure.

There is one kind of POWER Or SUCCESS and two kinds of people getting that. Pretty confusing, Isn’t it? Let’s simplify.

Have you read something like this ever?

If you want to find the one who deserves, give them the power and see how do they use it.




That explains the concept of two kinds of people holding that power. Here, Power can be referred to as having the ability to perform, which in world can be done by having the combination of money and status because most of the things work around these practically.

There are two roads for reaching there, 

Accepting the system, reaching there then forgetting to change the system, denying your inner voice, starting reflecting them and hence enjoying the power or accepting the system, reaching there then changing the system, following your inner voice, starting watching people reflecting you and hence valuing the power.

Second road is followed by few because

In order to reach best you have to through the worst just like that of gold which is regarded as gold after getting burnt in fire.


We see lots of people in power in our lives, majority of them are the ones who follow first road due to which unintentionally few of us make false beliefs like  powerful are the ones like them, richness is in that so let’s accept it.

But wait. There is a huge difference between a person who uses power for himself and the other uses for others.                                                                                                                           

And this simple statement defines the Truly Rich, powerful and gorgeous people.           

People who follow the other road are Actually Powerfully Successful.





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