Connectivity Beyond Limits

I have always wondered how we are connected, how material and non-material things are connected, or how we are connected with every other thing. The major aspects of life Love, relationships, identity, that supernatural power-God are still unexplained or explained partially. Scientists have been trying to find out the meaning of these things, the actual meaning. All the things are connected directly or indirectly. We all are here for a meaning. Meaning which we find essential to figure out but there’s somebody who stops when we start reaching, may be the Time .


Things have different definitions which varies from individual to individual, society to society or individual to society. We, as our definitions and concepts are different too. We are different but work by taking our similarities into consideration. We like people, we are similar with, though we all are different, Still we tend to find connection among us and that’s our soul’s desire perhaps.

We talk, walk, help and hence, connect with every other and same species by some basic similarities. There are forces , which we can name Frictional forces which opposes the Forces exerted by our souls and sometimes these Frictional forces hold many secrets, sometimes they lift us up to another level which we never expect. Those forces are controlled by some other thing which is not in our hands, some refer it as God and some as Time. Again, there are different definitions of different people but for a single thing.

The things are interconnected. May be, that’s the reason those are complicated and hard to find the meaning of. Billions of years ago, people were doing the same what we are doing now – They were trying to figure out the meaning of everything.

They gave their explanations either in form of theories or experiments where experiments are more appreciable. But belief is something, which acts as a base. There are things on which the whole universe is running and they are not experimentally proven, still we believe because we are dependent. We are dependent creatures, on both biotic and abiotic things. We believe, for survival.

Changes take place every second, every minute and hence in every time period. That’s why the theories change because things itself are not constant. The water few years back is not same as the water today. Hence, the things ancient people explained are similar but not exactly same, they get limited and what we explain will be similar but not exactly same.

Still, things are interconnected. We learn what they explained and work over that. Some things are explained but seems to be unexplained because things are changing.

When some people have found the meaning of love, time and God But, how many people still understand it? If we already know the meanings then why we are still confused? Because there is no scientific explanation for that. Wait, we are being wrong here. We are trying to find out only scientific explanation and may be that’s what we are failing that because here, we are forgetting one fact that things are connected in one way or other.

If we connect the things both scientific and spiritual, then we can find the answers perhaps because balance is the key of life. After all, everything is interconnected and if we take every single aspect into consideration, then we will be solving the jigsaw puzzle of life. Again, we will be able to find the meanings like the past did but these explanations will change because things are never constant and if they were constant we could have repented to live because life couldn’t have been interesting. Update is needed whether it’s of theory or time or majorly of ourselves.

Different yet similar explanations are needed for every change.

                                  And what we are supposed to do is to find the Connectivity.


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  1. I didn’t sleep until i read it. You touched amazing aspects of definition and things people are connected to. As you said balance is key and we should always be content yet improving our definitions to improve ourselves. Keep us the good work ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kripimehra says:

      Thanks for stopping by and appreciating, Yassine :-), It means a lot to me.


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